The Lads at the Eclipse Premiere!

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Kiowa Gorden looking like hes already wrestled with a new born army before he even arrived at the premiere. But the all rough and ready style making him look smarter without making him look older than he is, good move.

Petter Facinelli with a little stubble.looking thoughtful and intense. i like. i like alot.

Michael Welch what has happened to you, its seem you have aged ten years in the space of two! although your still very good looking i'd reccomend toning down the hair gel and having a shave next time.

Edi Gathegi looks almost too cool. red tie? are we trying to match or be inspired by Roberts suit, hmm well i do think this guy is seriously cool I'm just pretty gutted her didn't wear the rasta's like Laurent does.

Alex Meraz gives everyone another reason to love Quilettes. It must be nice for him to be wearing clothes for a change as he spends the majority of his time just wearing ragged shorts and his alter ego Paul has such a short temper she spends most of his time exploding out of the clothes and into a huge wolf. I think Alex's suit is by hugo boss but i am not 100% sure.

My my Jackson Rathbone, don't you scrub up well. Who knew all he'd need was a hair cut and a tie. Though i do seriously love his scruffy usual self.

Kellen Lutz i'm so used to seeing him in just t shirts and jeans not a lovely suit but i think he pulls it off really rather well, haha and i would really like to say the girls behind Kellan thank you for speaking on our behalf.

Taylor Lautner looking utterly smart as always, he seems to always dress smart even when he's attempting casual. Not that many people mind what hes wearing as he spends most of new moon and quite a lot of eclipse in only a pair of cut off jeans, not that I'm complaining.
I also have a few photos of Rob in his really cool suit which i will put up on a separate post, unfortunately i do no know where all the guys got the suits and clothing from, but i tried my best.

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1 comment

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