Lady in Red - RI Plus.


Dress: c/o River Island. Belt (worn as hairband) c/o Boohoo. Clutch Bag (old) Next. Shoes: Bought on Holiday.

Seeing as Party Season is slowly creeping upon us I thought now would be a good time to share this beautiful red dress with you all. Even though I took these photos when it wasn't quite so chilly! This is the kind of dress that I'd lust over in a shop and on other people but never dare to think I could carry off myself so when River Island gave me the opportunity on the Curve Fashion Festival bloggers day to choose something I KNEW I had to go with this little number! 

I sized up to a UK22 so it wouldn't cling as much as I'm still yet to find the perfect shape wear for me but this does look absolutely killer clinging to a girls curves just at the time I was having bit of a confidence wobble (still am tbh) so I wasn't feeling brave enough to size down! I'm really hoping I get invited to some fabulous festive party or something so I can show this off as it is the perfect party dress! I decided to style it up with sparkly accessories and some seriously glam make up! The belt worn in my hair I picked up at the bloggers day as well from Boohoo, it also looks really cute on the waist as it's intended use but I couldn't resist popping it in my hair to jazz up my tighter curled vintage inspired hair!

I know my posts have been extremely sporadic over the last several months but I'm trying to keep posting as I love it so much! I'm currently in the middle of costumes for a show and I just finished on another as wig dresser so lets just say my life is rather up in the air at the moment! 
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