Fashion Industry: What It’s Really Like & How To Get In.

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The dream of working in the fashion industry often includes a glamorous lifestyle and finally being let in on the secret on how to walk in heels. Admittedly, sometimes the ladder seems to be reason enough to consider a new job search.

In reality, the fashion industry is extremely competitive with a side of perks. To stay afloat and relevant, each fashion company is required to mix business with creativity, and is often backed by thousands of people running a million miles a minute to make that happen. Though watching The Devil Wears Prada does give some insight (and nerves) into what a day to day in the industry could look like, there are also many options for those who may prefer, let us say, a different approach to fashion.

For those who work directly with products, such as designers, stylists and models, the main focus is on creating products, and making them work perfectly. But that also means long hours, little sleep, and constantly working towards the next fashion show. To be in this side of fashion, you must be exceptionally comfortable with the words ‘vision’ and ‘texture’.

Then there are those with the understanding of how to make current trends work in store and with the instincts for future trend forecasting. An empty store off-hours, for example, is the perfect place for a visual merchandiser to work with trends, let the creativity flow, and put together pieces for window arrangements. For assistant and senior buyers, instincts are key as they attend trade shows and predict which pieces and trends will be popular for the following seasons.

Fashion companies also largely depend on the support of those who hold positions that are not fashion-specific. For example, one can be a store manager, personal assistant, social media assistant, or account coordinator. Therefore, for those who may have the dream to work in fashion, but may not have thought they had the qualifications to do so, there are many paths to choose from to get your foot in the door. The best way to break into the industry is leveraging what makes you competitive in combination with a committed job search. Below are a few tips to help with those first steps.

Review your skills. What makes you competitive? Is there a class you can take to help you become more knowledgeable on a specific topic? Could your previous freelance work help you get a freelance job at a fashion company?

Use job search engines. There are several accredited job search engines like Jobrapido that can save you time and help you match your preferences with job openings in Manchester, a city that is becoming UK's second most fashionable city. Apply, follow up, and regularly check on the job offers coming in!

Research positions that interest you. Learn the titles, descriptions, and qualifications for positions that interest you the most.

Network. Reach out to your current network and meet new people in the industry. Go to those meet and greets; you never know what connections you could make.
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