Friday, 1 July 2016

Body Confidence with Boohoo Plus.

Bikini: c/o Boohoo Plus. Sandals: Simply Be. Sunglasses: Primark. Hair Scarf: Clumsy Kate.

When Boohoo emailed me and asked if I'd take part in our Body Confident Swimwear campaign I jumped at the chance! As a  teenage girl who once would have avoided being seen in a swimsuit at all costs and definitely never worn a Bikini now as the more body confident woman I am today as soon as the sun comes out I feel the need to show my skin in all its pasty glory! AsThe idea of a ‘beach-ready body’ is thrown around a lot this time of year, Boohoo want to break that trend and appreciate that there isn't any such thing as a perfect body. They say every girl is gorgeous in their own way and of course I whole heartedly agree! 
 Feeling confident in my body is something I still struggle with more often than I'd probably like to admit,it is also something I constantly working on and feeling cute in swimwear is something that massively helps me. When I first started blogging when I was 16 (I'm 23 now for reference) I didn't particularly like my body I just made the best of it if I could. However thanks to blogging and meeting so many amazing women in the Plus Size Community I've grown into the pretty confident woman you see today. Once I realised this is the body I was basically born with (I've always been chubby!) I decided I better learn to love it and it's definitely something that has come with age as it's probably in the last 18months I've felt the most comfortable and confident with my size. What I'm pretty much trying to say in the most rambling fashion is that having body confidence is an on going thing and something I'm always learning from and growing with.
For me what I remember is that every *body* is beach ready and not to limit yourself by wearing only swimwear you think is "safe" just wear what you love!


  1. You look amazing in that bikini, it suits you so well! I really agree that feeling cute in swimwear is a massive confidence boost.

    Blogging has made me more confident and self-accepting as well - a few years ago I never would have worn a bikini or a crop top, not to mention post photos of myself wearing one on the Internet!

    Make sure to check out my blog also and add me on snapchat beautyfruity17 x

  3. You rock this bikini!! I feel like blogging has pushed me out of my comfort zone too, it's all those awesome ladies in gorgeous outfits! Xx

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