Friday, 3 July 2015

Lifes a Beach(ball) with Swimsuits For All!

Bikini: c/o Swimsuits For All. Sandals: Simply Be. Sunglasses: Specsavers. Hair Orchid: Gypsy Rose Vintage.

I'm here again with even more swimmer, yes I'm completely embracing swimwear this summer on the blog because I've spent so many years hiding away when it started hotting up but NO LONGER! I love this so much I just want to wear it all the time but I'm not sure that would go down well in my hometown! Now at the (not so grand) age of 22 I've finally decided I'm going to fully embrace the body that I have as even though I have days where I question myself overall I'm comfortable with the skin I'm in. 

I've always LOVED Swimsuits For All but I've never been brave enough to take the plunge and order from them so when they popped me a message seeing if I'd like to try a few of their pieces I almost bit their hands off! I've always thought the collection were so flattering and I just knew I'd feel really confident in them, which of course I do! Here I'm wearing the Swim Sexy Isander Halter High Waist Bikini, for starters I adore the print and can't wait to feel a little pin up on the beach but over all its extremely comfortable and I adore the bottoms! I was initially worried about the fact it has no underwire's but I had no need to as I feel fine in this! (and it probably makes it more comfortable) For reason its in US sizing and I believe I got either a US 18 or 20 which is around a UK 20/22 depending.

I'm so in love with Swimsuits For All I can't wait to show you the other two pieces they sent me! You can check out their full selection of Bikini's and two pieces here.


  1. The print is absolutely stunning, so vibrant and bright and fun! I think this is one of the few bikinis I would consider wearing, the high waist briefs are literally perfect for what I'm looking for. Can't wait to see the other pieces x

  2. Love this so much! You rock the 'kini! Xx

  3. You look fantastic- stop giving me envy over all your swimwear!😊

  4. I am a fangirl, can I say totally obsessed?! Thank you thank you THANK YOU for rocking this. You are giving me so much courage. I'll be on the beach with my friends in Okinawa in a month and I was not sure of myself but you are making me feel it. I just love this on you and your tattoos are to die for. Too cute <3 You've got a follower in me.

    xo Sinéad

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  6. Such a funky bikini. I love the print & high waisted pants. You look fab in it.


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