Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Nadia Aboulhosn X boohooPLUS.

Dress: c/o Boohoo. Necklace: Custom Made by Black Heart Creatives. Clutch and Shoes: New Look. Brogues: Clarks.

Now I don't know about you but I've been eagerly waiting for the Nadia Aboulhosn collection from Boohoo to hit the site after seeing sneak peak on social media what feels like forever ago. I love Nadia's style and how fearless (if that's the right term) she looks but it's something that probably isn't really very "me" so I was wondering if I'd find a piece that I knew would fit into my own personal style. Luckily when I got the Press Release through I saw that there were in fact a number of pieces that would work with my wardrobe including this crop top and off the shoulder zip dress. (albeit my confident one as I can be a little self conscious at times). The dress I choose seemed to sell out pretty quickly but there is still plenty of options online! And since getting my new laptop I haven't gotten my original link just yet! One of the things I love about Boohoo is that as a student they offer low price points meaning I can chop and change my look without my bank  account crying in pain. As as heads up I've also found them to do some pretty awesome sales as well, on top of the discount codes and offers they often have circulating around! 

I styled this adorable dress with latest custom piece of jewellery from one of my favourite sites Black Heart Creatives. Every piece I've had from the lovelies I've worn with pride and always get complimented on, this giant lipstick necklace being no exception! My super fun clutch back from the New Look sale in January, I actually bought this to go with my final collection at uni in the summer but I couldn't resist also using it for blog purposes! I'm also toying with the idea of growing out my fringe, though I know by this time in a few weeks I'll have trimmed it because of it drying me mad!

What's your favourite piece from the Nadia X boohooPLUS collection?


  1. I've got the lovely tux dress with a zip from that range, I feel very sassy in it. I've got a few boohoo items now and they wash well and are good value for money. I like that they try more fashion forward stuff and not just dull tunics xx

  2. I love your bag and that dress is super cute!

    xo, C

  3. Super cute!

    Katie | www.katielikeme.com

  4. I'm so confused lil Rosie! I don't see a crop top or zip dress in these pics... Is this dress Nadias? You look amazing though!!!! X

    1. it was I think! Sorry I did this on my new laptop and didn't have my original link at the time! :) I wasn't 100% but it said online when i first saw I think. (also on the note I got)

      Thanks lovely xxx

  5. I said the same thing earlier, but my comment got deleted? I just didn't see an off the shoulder, cropped top with zip in these photos...not a bad thing, just pointing it out.

    1. Hi lovely sorry I tend to check blog comments on my phone and lately blogger has been deleting when I click reply. So I've come on my laptop to get back to you. This dress wasn't online when this post went live or I couldn't find it when I was writing it up. And came back and edited some wording after. Sorry for any confusion! As I said above wasn't 100% but note I received I do believe said it was. :) if I stand corrected my bad! :) xx (still getting used to my laptop too so if anything is muddled up that's my technophobe selfs fault :P)

  6. You look awesome! I thought this was a one piece dress- the crop goes so well with it!
    Little sad the dress is sold out :(

  7. Loving the super cute dress and red-lipped pout - amazing!

    C xx

  8. SO CUTE!
    Love the dress and the purse is sooooo cute!

    Jessi Malay


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