A Costume For Any Occasion?

Me on Halloween almost 2 years ago can you tell? Just look at that hair!

Everyone loves a good excuse to break out the fancy dress and go out on mass but in the past I've found it pretty difficult to find good costumes in plus size that aren't A. Something completely shapeless like a present costume or something that barely covers your bum which is similar to my costume above, I had to wear the black dress under it to cover my modesty on many different levels!

I recently found Elliotts Fancy Dress and even though now isn't the perfect season who needs an excuse such as Christmas or Halloween for a fancy dress party? Not me! and what's even better they have a brillaint range for plus size people like myself. Though of course I still love making my own costumes and being imaginative when it comes to my creations but sometimes you just can't beat a cute ready made costume to throw on and be out in an hour instead of spending weeks sewing a million sequins to metres of fabric! 
A personal favourite of mine from the site is the adorable cowgirl fancy dress online complete with cow print skirt, which lets be honest I'd probably wear out as normal day wear anyway!

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  1. Hi beauty,
    I love your blog! And as I work for this brand-new British fashion label, renowned for designing feminine dresses with top quality fabrics at affordable prices, I thought to drop you the website link – www.havren.co.uk. Hopefully you’ll find something you like for your wishlists ;)


Thank you! I try to read every comment I get and if I don't reply on here find me on twitter (@rosieroundface) and let me know!

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