New Years Eve.


Dress: c/o navabi. Fake fur collar: Off a coat.

Now I may not be out partying this New Years (if I had been I would have been a major third wheel!) but it doesn't surely mean I can't dress up? I was lucky enough to be asked by navabi if I'd like to try out one of there party dresses for the festive season and I decided to give this stunning floor length number a go. Now I have to admit my photographs don't do this beauty justice! Unfortunately with being left with my old digital camera due to my brother moving away with his swanky camera I wasn't able to get pictures I was completely happy with but I just wanted to show you it anyway!

This is floor length and as I tower at a mere 5'2 it certainly drags along the floor, even with heels on which obviously means it's great for all you ladies who tower above me and lets be honest that's the majority! So this is something I can stand in and feel extremely glamorous and grown up but have to hold up to walk in. I've chosen to wear the fur collar as not only was it freezing when I was snapping these but this is also very low cut and I wanted to keep this post a 12A.

This dress is something the Rosie of this time last year wouldn't have gone for but I'm so glad I've developed my style and hope to up it another level in 2014. As cheesy as it sounds I can't wait for my blog to grow with me as I've had some utterly amazing opportunities in 2013 and I'm looking forward to jumping into 2014 and seeing where life takes me.
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  1. wow great dress!
    happy new year :*

  2. Super classy I love it!

    Hallie xx

  3. very classy indeed, love it!

  4. I like dressing up for New Years even though I'm not up to anything special. You look lovely!

  5. Wow, that dress looks beautiful on you. It's tight the right places, and kinda makes you look a little slimmer.
    I love that faux collar as well, though I would probably have gone for a statement necklace instead, but that's just me!


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