Sometimes you just need to go for it.


I was struggling to think of a title for this post until I came across this quote on tumblr and it seemed pretty fitting. I feel like I've been just going for it so to speak with my fashion choices lately, from crop tops and high waisted skirts to more vibrant colours and interesting prints which is where this dress comes into play. I picked this up on Asos from the main range and its very roomy, granted I positive a few plus size girls would stay well away from a swing dress but I decided to take the plunge and they're now one of my favourite shapes to wear and so comfortable. The print also made it for me to, I honestly haven't owned anything purple as far as I'm aware until this came along and if you look closely you can see butterflies fluttering around the flowers so pretty! I paired this with one of my much loved necklaces which is from Claire's and my new jacket which has basically not been off my back since I bought it.

I decided to do a beehive style with my hair but I'm not sure it really worked. I have so much hair that by the time I've sprayed and backcombed it's already gone flat again because it's so heavy, such a pain! Then finished it with my usual red lipstick. Ps sorry I've been a little quiet I've finally made it back to work so I've actually been busy every day. (which FYI is a good thing!)
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  1. I love the beehive hair style and the flower's colour theme is so pretty :)


  2. Everything about this look is perfect! From the great patterned to the hair to the makeup. Love it all. Really looks good with the leather jacket.

  3. Beautiful dress, but I have to say your hair is AMAZING! x

  4. This looks so good on you!


    Diamonds n Pearls


  5. This looks AMAZING on you babes. Just GORGEOUS.

    The whole look is so polished and just wow.

    Also, loving the new blog header <3

    K xx

  6. Oh I love love love your ombre hair! What shades did you use?

    PrettyGloss - beauty, makeup & a lil gibberish

  7. You look absolutely gorgeous. Loving the whole look.

    Allie xo
    Ignoring The Changing Room Mirror

  8. looking very rock and roll and I love your new header xx

  9. Well, I love a floral frock anytime and this one is gorgeous.

  10. Lady, you have moxy. If only we all has as much. You look fantastic xx

  11. I was looking at this dress online and loving it, but worried because I would have to size down. Then I remembered this post and ordered it - it came today, fits perfectly and I love it!!! So thanks very much :) xx


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