Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Koko by Koko.

Evening guys though I'd all show you a little review tonight. The lovely people at Koko by Koko and Lovedrobe sent me this dress to review a few weeks back and I've actually worn it out since just didn't get chance to photography it until this last weekend! I loved it so much when it first arrived as soon as I got it out of the packaging I wore it to an album signing in Manchester. In case you were wondering who I went to meet it was that Aiden Grimshaw who was off the XFactor a few years back, so attractive in person.

Anyway I digress I ordered this in a size 22 as when I've ordered Lovedrobe in the past its been small fitting and I've had to size up but this is actually a little big and a size 20 would probably fit me perfect, so I'd say this is very much true to size! I will say that this is actually a very comfortable dress so perfect for a fancy night out where you want to feel your best but have maxim comfort, (I'm always that girl who's usually tugging at her buttons on her top the hem of her dress or dying in to high heels!) Apologies for my awful posture here, its making my tummy stick out more, I'm still getting used to those shoes to be honest! The only downside for me is that its a tad to long as I generally wear leggings under EVERYTHING, so I'd prefer this to be a little shorter so it wouldn't look odd with leggings but its nothing a bit of taking a hem up can't fix.

Over all I love this dress specially the colour. I tend to always wear very dark or black coloured dresses and this is something that generally is out of my comfort zone but I actually feel pretty damn good in this royal blue shade!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Currently Coveting.

I really love the overall styling of the Clements Riberio Collections. the red lips but no actual full head, well its pretty genius! I own a lovely top from the previous collection which I can dress up and down and is actually comfortable to wear and doesn't cling to my tummy at all!

I adore this whole look above the clash of the prints, ankle grazing length of the trouser and the batwing shape of the sleeve. Everything just screams comfort but also style, as I can't afford the whole outfit (hello student loan) but I've decided that I probably the trousers in my life! I'd pair them with so many things in my wardrobe, from a buttoned up denim shirt to a cute striped tee and flatforms. 

What pieces are you loving from Clements Riberio's latest collection for Evans?

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Docs and Quirky Florals.

Just a quick outfit post to show that I do still wear clothes! This will be pretty short and sweet as I've just got the new blogger dashboard/layout and I bloody hate it already! For some reason it won't let me size my images like I used to or anything so this isn't working at all. Due to all this it means I've not uploaded half the photographs I wanted to because it won't make them fit! ARGHHHH

This was an outfit from the weekend but before going out I changed the boots for flat pumps and the tights for leggings because I knew I'd be sitting outside pubs all night! I haven't actually been out with my friends in so long until that night half blame the lack of money or the fact I can't drink at the moment due to my medication which FYI doesn't seem to be making me better anymore and I'm getting seriously down about it.

I bought this dress from my favourite charity shop in my home town. I saw this in George at Asda back around February time, but instead of buying it in this style I bought it in the black and white polka dot version in my usual size 20 and it ended up being WAY TO BIG and to be honest its not been worn half as much as I want to and when I saw this in a size 16 I thought I'd give it a try and surprise, surprise it fits really well! I love George at Asda and I think people often forget how good the clothes are from supermarkets!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New House.

Just so you know I'm still alive! I've been really quiet (for me) on the blog front in the last few weeks. Starting a new job (which I never want to leave) and moving into my new house for uni, which are all the pictures above and still being annoying ill and then my laptop dying and my photographer being insanely busy I've not had time to take pictures until this weekend or had a computer to work on! Some pictures have finally been taken but alas are on my brothers camera card and I have no clue where that is!

I've not finished moving into my house in Leicester yet me and mum just went across to pick up my keys and leave a few bits and pieces there! the dressing table sets and china were either pick up at vintage fairs or charity shops and the mirror which really needs cleaning was from B&M bargains of all places! The house itself is a brand new build so its never been lived in until now, meaning we don't have to put up with what past tenants have done to it! The picture of the pimp armchair is from our living room where there is also a matching sofa, they are being covered with blankets and throws as they just offend my eyes greatly and stick to you if your in bare legs, you've got to love a cheeky bit of pleather!

Anyway I should be getting off to work and I promise some reviews will be up as soon as possible! I've managed to take to outfit picture sets so hopefully I'll get it up tomorrow along with a few other bits and pieces.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Flower Power.

Leggings: Matalan. Dress: Simply Be. Denim Vest: Dorothy Perkins. Shoes: Evans (full review soon!).

These were taken when it was still properly summer, as its now September and its quickly becoming time to pack up my life again and return to uni for my second year (which I'm totally not ready for and don't want to happen) it feels like I've not had summer at all especially as I've spent the whole of my summer on an array of medication or miserable, I feel a little robbed.

But anyway one a lighter note I got this lovely dress from Simply Be as a thank you for modelling it while at Plus North as I said in that post whatever you modelled you got to keep, which was amazing. This is just showing how I wore it myself as its to big for me so I used my denim vest to pull me in slightly, I've literally not had this off my back since I bought it at the start of August.

Evans have also been really good to me lately and sent me quite a few pairs of shoes to try out from there new season collection and I have to say pretty much love them all! This pair came at the perfect time after my black flats (also from Evans) had to go to the big shoe box in the sky so these new slipper style have become my go to. Tomorrow I'm travelling to Leicester to start moving into my new house which means in the next few weeks you'll be getting a new tour of my house I'll even make it like cribs, might even get my housemates to join in and make a video! I'm excited about making a new room my own and adding all my trinkets and cushions I've collection but starting uni again is another thing entirely.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Make Them Dye.

is a shirt collection of one of my friends from College and I thought these were so cool and the photographs just pretty awesome that I'd share them with you all!

There are four styles of Polo Shirt:- The Serpens Caput, Ursa Major, Mensa and finally my favourite of the collection the Draco. I think these would look brilliant with anything from skinny jeans to tucked into a midi skirt, as you can probably tell from my blog I love collard and the fully buttoned up style and I'm actually really tempted to get one and style it up so you could see how this would work on a plus size body and how I would work this.

At the moment these are the core pieces of the collection but my friend grace who creates these has more to add including Jumpers and snap backs. I've also been told that the next generation of this beautiful and original collection will also involve studs, we all know how much everyone loves them at the moment! You can get your hands on this from either the eBay shop or here, if you want to see more images the brand have a tumblr blog too and you can ever Like them on facebook!

Just so you know I haven't been paid for this or given one or anything I just did this because I genuinely like them and the girl who designed/created them!