Make Them Dye.


is a shirt collection of one of my friends from College and I thought these were so cool and the photographs just pretty awesome that I'd share them with you all!

There are four styles of Polo Shirt:- The Serpens Caput, Ursa Major, Mensa and finally my favourite of the collection the Draco. I think these would look brilliant with anything from skinny jeans to tucked into a midi skirt, as you can probably tell from my blog I love collard and the fully buttoned up style and I'm actually really tempted to get one and style it up so you could see how this would work on a plus size body and how I would work this.

At the moment these are the core pieces of the collection but my friend grace who creates these has more to add including Jumpers and snap backs. I've also been told that the next generation of this beautiful and original collection will also involve studs, we all know how much everyone loves them at the moment! You can get your hands on this from either the eBay shop or here, if you want to see more images the brand have a tumblr blog too and you can ever Like them on facebook!

Just so you know I haven't been paid for this or given one or anything I just did this because I genuinely like them and the girl who designed/created them!

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