Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Asos Polka Dots.

Dress:Asos Curve. Clutch:Next. Tights:Matalan. Heels: Charity Shop originally M&S.

I need your help my lovely readers! Do I keep this dress, I bought it from Asos yesterday and arrived today (hellloooo free next day delivery) I also bought the amazing floral print trousers I'd dreamt about but they look bloody awful on so I'm definitely sending those back! But this I'm no so sure about the more I've sat in it this evening the more it's grown on me though it was over priced for how thin the fabric is! I seriously need a slip of some kind under this but I don't really like them unless I could find one that was either not fitted to my legs or was like an all in one with shorts, any ideas?

I originally bought it with a party in mind! As I have one coming up in march and I wanted something comfortable to wear but knowing me I'll probably find something else nearer the time! This dress would also be really good for when I have to dress up in the summer but want to be comfortable it even looks cute with bare legs! I paired it with my charity shop heels which I love but cause me great pain (like any pairs of heels) and I also put my red clutch with it, my mum was kind enough to buy me this in the Next sale! I wanted to add a little colour to the outfit and as always wore a coloured lip, I've recently bought one of those lip tint felt tip things and I've got to say I totally love it, I can build the colour up gradually so it can easily be worn everyday!

So readers what do you think, keep or send back?!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lovedrobe Review part 1.

The lovely ladies at Lovedrobe sent me this dress to review recently and I wish I could be more positive about it but its just too small, so for anyone who has been lusting over this online I warn you to size up at least one size if not 2. I utterly adore the style and detailing on this dress when I first chose this my mum groaned at me about it be another black dress I would own, but it is so much more!

When I was going through my wannabe emo days all I looked for in life was bows and black clothing but this is so much more elegant than the scene kid crap I used to go for (honestly its absolutely horrendous, there's a few pictures floating around the Internet of me then and you would die laughing if you've seen them!) The sleeves on this dress are lovely and perfect for going out in the winter, whenever I go out I never take a coat in fear that I'll lose it! The dress is also quite short on me and I'm 5'2ish but I partly think this is because its to tight causing it to ride up. There's not a lot more I can say about this dress other than I do honestly love it and its just a shame its to small, I know there's picture of people proudly showing there belly lines floating around but it's just not for me. You can buy this lovely dress from Evans but just remember to size up!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Brit Awards; Ed Sheeran and The Boys.

I felt like writing a little bit about the Brits.. but as you all know I utterly adore Ed Sheeran, so it felt only natural for me to post his performance from last night. Now at the time I was gutted that he wasn't in a suit but thankfully when he got his second Brit (YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY HE GOT TWO!) he wore a lovely suit thought I am a little bias and it was probably so lovely because he was in fact wearing it. When Ed accepted his awards he was just so humble and grateful you could tell on his beautiful little face. Though I can't recall everything he said as I was screaming at the telly at the time I also had a total meltdown moment when One Direction won Best British Single, now I know a number of you bloggers no how slightly obsessed I am with the band because as soon as either them or Ed came on the screen I was getting bombared by tweets saying you all bet I was going crazy which I was... but in honestly I was so proud in these moments, definitely cringe worthy fangirl! 1D and Ed obviously have very good stylists or mums in Ed's as when I met him, he said he didn't have a stylist... and I know its the wonderful Caroline Watson who dresses 1D, as all of the lads scrub up very well!

This post was more of a filler before I post up a review either tomorrow or Friday and I just wanted to be able to drool over these pictures and the video even more than I already have! I just read that Ed recently revealed that he wanted to just wear jeans and a hoody but because his mother was accompanying him he would have to dress up. HOW CUTE IS THAT also next year it won't be his mum hes taking.......

Monday, 20 February 2012

New head on my shoulders.

Shirt:Matalan. Shoes:Evans. Glasses:Gok Wan (past season). Leggings:Matalan.

Okay I don't seem to have a new head but at least I've had my haircut, I dont know if its just me but when I get my haircut I feel like a new invention of myself I think its probably because I enjoy changing my hair and even though a haircut seems to be a minor change I love feeling different!

My lovely brother took these pictures while I was home at the weekend so at least its my trusty garage wall instead of my horrible blue uni curtian behind me! I think you can really tell if I've taken my outfit shots with my tripod and camera as to when my brother takes them not only is the camera way more high tech but they just seem to work better together as images, though for 2 of these picture he did stand on a bucket in the middle of the garden!

This shirt is me being brave its something I would of loved from afar last year but never bought, but I really love it so clearly times are achanging I'm just worried I might not have the balls to go out in public in it! My mum was actually kind enoughto treat me to it when we nipped into Matalan to return some pieces she had bought without me, I also bought a little jersey skirt to wear with this dress to keep the look understated as its such a loud shirt, here I just paired it with my oldloafers and a pair of denim jeggings which means I could probably get away with wearing this during the day as well but only when I'm feeling brave! I think you can all proobably tell that I'm slightly obsessed with button up shirts at the moment! I've bought 3 in the last week or so alone, deffo in need of a spending ban over the next few weeks!

Saturday, 18 February 2012


“She’s moderately unpopular, which makes a romance between the two of us more likely. She’s also a girl. To be seen with her would improve my street cred, which, though high, could be higher.”

I really wanted to share with you some of my favourite snaps and quotes from the film "Submarine" I just watched this film and I am now obsessed with it and as importantly Craig Roberts who plays the main fella Oliver Tate he was also in tracy beaker and young dracula for those people as cool as me to still watch cbbc! I'm just going to leave quotes from the film through out this post as its just that good!

" I asked if she was my girlfriend now. She said I'll think about it.

But yes this film is AMAZING the shots and typography is just stunning and its quirky, maybe a little weird which is exactly what I love in a film. There is a backhanded kind of romance which had my crying because yes I am an emotional wreck. Some of the things that Oliver comes out with are just brilliant and witty and ingenious. I don't really know what else to say but if your into indie films its seriously worth a watch! I'll end with some none Submarine related news, I've had my haircut it feels so much shorter even though its not and hopefully I'll get some pictures taken tomorrow for outfits posts through the next week!

"You are the only person who I would allow to be shrunk down to a microscopic size and swim inside me in a tiny submersible machine… You are too good for me, too good for anyone."

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Feeling Inspired.

Just a few pictures I'm feeling inspired by at the moment I cannot wait until spring/summer so I can have daisies all down my hair if my hair ever grows long enough that is! And I saw the denim dress with cat patch pockets on tumblr and completely fell in love back home I have a denim dress I bought last summer which is still waiting to be altered I really want to put cat patterned fabric over the pockets on it, I think it would look adorable and oh so quirky! Then finally I love anything in upholstery or carpet so I obviously need those shoes in my life.

Also I thought I'd just add on to this post to say thank you to everyone who voted for me on the Company Magazines comp in association with River Island I didn't get through but I'm still pretty proud that I got over 200 likes :)

Monday, 13 February 2012

The rinky-dink panther.

Shirt: Asos.Boots: Doct Martens.Velvet Leggings: Dorothy Perkins.Ring: Matalan.

I know these pictures aren't brilliant and not at all what I wanted to do to show you this shirt but I couldn't wait until the weekend to show you I bought this off Asos last week after seeing a few bloggers in it, originally I saw llymrs in it but decided there was no way I'd be able to have it then I saw Gabi Fresh wearing it and she told me it was a size 16 maternity so I ordered and here it is and I'M IN LOVE. Honestly one of the cutest shirts I've ever owned and its comfortable which is a plus as usually shirts pull across my chest and well obviously the print is to die for as well.

This is the first time I've tried styling these leggings I bought them during the sales but had no idea what to wear them with but I think this looks okay but could definitely look better! I'm planning to try them out with a shirt I ordered from One Stop Plus (I ordered it before the Asos one yet I'm still waiting for it and I didn't even pay for delivery with Asos) decided I wanted to toughen up this look with my docs but I think if I wore it out somewhere I'd probably attempt to walk about in my heels for a night.

I know some people worry about the size they wear or being judged if they wore maternity but I honestly don't care it looks good and I feel good wearing it. Also my top picture is the only acknowledgement of valentines I'm going to do because I'm always miserable over it unless Ed Sheeran wants to turn up at my halls and offer himself to me, that would be alright.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Plus London Two.

These are just a few snaps I've borrowed from various people from Plus London Two last week, if you were following the hashtag on twitter you would of seen how we ended up in a blizzard but regardless it was so brilliant I'm not going to give you a minute by minute run down of the evening because everything was just so lovely there really is no need. I'd just like to thank Claire from A Monkey Fatshionista for organising the whole thing and getting so many people and company's involved! In fact these pictures were either taken by one of her lovely friends Sarah or Clarie's equally lovely fella, Claire also got another friend to come and set up a little pop up studio where we could have proper pictures taken which is where the ones of me and Lauren.
We got some amazing goodies from the lovely ladies from Simply Be and elomi (I was specially surprised with elomi they were so lovely and I finally got fitted after basically guessing my bra size for most of my bra wearing life!) For the event I wore my Asos Curve play suit which I'm yet to fully show on here even though I've had it since before Christmas and some cute patent loafers.

I just wish I could go back to my 12 year old self and tell her that all these great things for plus size women would involve myself. I used to really hate how I was but now I'm finally starting to accept myself for who I am and to be quite honest I have blogging and mostly all the amazing plus size bloggers to thank for it. Okay so I still might find it hard to look people I don't know in the eye incase they judge me on my size but when I'm blogging or at events I'm basically way more confident in myself. Sorry I'm starting to gush but its just something I feel strongly about and wish girls who may be bigger than there friends had people like us to look up to because I sure as hell wish I had when I was 12.

ROLL ON MORE GATHERINGS, so I can see all the girls!

Friday, 10 February 2012

I'll owe it all to you, my little bird.

Sleeveless shirt: Primark. Long sleeved top: Dorothy Perkins. Necklace: Primark. Skirt: Dorothy Perkins.

Finally another outfit post sorry its taken so long and these pictures are rubbish, I thought I'd try somewhere else in my uni room to take them but they just don't work well against my door! So I'll be sticking with the corner next to my window from now on. So this is an outfit I stuck on to go and hand in some work and meet up with my support tutor to spend an hour helping me with a few units of work I have at the moment.

So over all this is a comfy and simply look, I've also not worn this shirt since the summer but I'm so happy that I've worked it into my colder weather wardrobe ( I won't say winter because I wear most of my clothes all year round) the only downside to the shirt is it pulls across my chest one the buttons but I don't really mind. This skirt is becoming a staple and being worn to death so you'll have to deal with it being in a lot of posts! Also from taking these picture I realise I really need a haircut my fringe is getting so long again, hopefully it will last until next weekend when I'm home to get it trimmed.

Yet again my title comes from and Ed Sheeran song, I'm sorry but I love him I'm afraid and true love lasts a lifetime (he just hasn't realised it yet) also anyone who went to Plus London Two please let me know if you have pictures with/of me as I have none and really want to get my post up about it in the next week or so! I promise this is the final thing PLEASE keep "liking" me on the company mag comp lets get a plus size into the finals, YEAHHH! The link is here.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sheer Shirts.

These are just a few snaps I found from primarks spring summer collection and I have to say there is so much I want to buy if it will fit me, now I know they now sell up to a size 20 but on some of there pieces it can be pretty hit and miss!

But I utterly love these shirts I've seen both in store and as much as I wish to buy both I think the gold buttons on the top of the polka dot shirt would annoy me as they don't actually do up they are just there to look all pretty not practical if your boobs are above a b cup as I'm sure it would most likely gape open. Though this doesn't stop me from planning too go and try it on in store next time I can justify buying more shirts.

Just a very quick post from me tonight to show I'm still alive and do plan to post about Plus London 2 which I attended at the weekend when I find some pics with me on, I basically forgot to use my camera, bad blogger I know! Also tonight I saw Chris Ramsey live and I have to say he is bloody hilarious as were all his warm up acts specially Carl Hutchinson his mate who had me crying I'm actually seeing him again tomorrow night so I will do a few posts on these as official Nandos (ooerrr) took some piccies of me and the girls all together!