Saturday, 19 November 2011

Centre parting and polka dots.

Yayyy finally I've got another outfit post up! Sorry I've not been brilliant with them lately its just because I'm not overly keen on my beautiful blue curtain in the background and I have no where else to do them at the moment so here will have to do.

Now this is what I'd like to wear for simply be event next Thursday but unfortunately you can see my belly quite obviously through the jeans and I don't want it to look like bad but I maybe brave and go for it. I actually really like it all together, the top is new from Primark and in my opinion was a little pricey (a tenner) but I loved the polka dots and the collar, very me. the beret is also from Primark and I bought it about 4 years ago but I've worn it almost every Christmas and now my fringe has grown out it even looks okay as a centre parting as long as I have my hat on. The jean leggings (which are okay to wear a trousers unlike normal black leggings!) are from new look inspire and they fit my bum really well but are too big on my waist so the crotch sags sometimes and does not look very good, that and I'm always pulling them up as they fall down when I walk!

So tonight I'm off to see The Risk (they went out of xfactor a week or so ago) I'm pretty exciting as you will all know I do love a good boyband! Me and some girls from uni have also found a house for next year which is exciting not only terrifying!


  1. Love this, you look adorable bb!

  2. I think this looks gorgeous, your tummy looks fabulous hun, and I love the spotty dotty top. xxx

  3. You are gorgeous, I really like your outfit!

  4. you look lovely! And there is nothing wrong with your tummy, I'd not have even looked at unless you essentially told us to! I like the fact the rest of the outfit is quite plain but the top's dressy....kinda balances itself out! I think you should definitely wear it for the event! Although maybe find some trousers that dont fall down,perhaps?

  5. That top is very cute, £10 is cheap compared to most stores but not really for primark, it's funny how you think relatively cheap things are more expensive in primark haha, i do the same! £20 for a dress? too much!


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