Victoria Baths.


Here are some pictures from my trip to Victoria Baths in Manchester from last Sunday, including a little outfit post of me. I really liked what I was wearing even though it was boiling hot and I'd stupidly decided to wear a vintage blouse with all the buttons done up on, thankfully it was still loose and airy enough to not let me totally wilt.

This was my first ever visit to Victoria Baths after seeing it on Restoration years ago (If any of my UK readers saw that show?) I read in Vintage Life that there was going to be a vintage fair on which you may of read about in my last post and somehow talked my dad into taking me, well I say talked I knew he'd always wanted to see it as did my mum. And I bought a few pieces which I'll show you in a future post or I'll Vlog about on my YouTube channel . The building is so beautiful and I really want to shoot some styling shots there in the future I just utterly adore the place! All the pools are empty but there planning on opening one of the three up if they raise enough money. All the tiling was really detailed and gave me inspiration for patterns to go on to clothing I just found it all pretty inspirational, the stained glass window was stunning and this is only part of it pictured. One of my favourite details were the cubicles for you to change/hang your clothing in. Yes the paint was peeling and they were generally falling apart but it just made me love them even more. I think its clear to say I was obviously born in the wrong era, well for me style wise I don't I'd be able to live without Internet or my phone for that matter...

So now on to what I'm wearing, the shirt is vintage from a charity shop and has the cutest detailing you can just about see the bottom of the sleeves its so comfortable as well and a little over sized which is great for this weather. My skirt was from the Dorothy Perkins sale and I posted about it last week and I know you will be seeing this A LOT more on the blog, I've basically not had it off since I got it. AND YES THAT IS ME WITH BARE LEGS! I don't think anyone's seen my legs like this for quite sometime but I like it. I'm wearing diy'ed leggings under neath so I'm comfortable. My socks are primark and I thought added a cute vintagey look and my shoes are from peacocks. I kept my accessories simple with a vintage cameo necklace I picked up from the charity shop last summer sitting over my shirt, then I had a red ribbon over my ponytail and flicked eyeliner to finish.

One last thing which I thought was really cool is that they filmed a early episode of Life On Mars there and everyone loves a bit of gene hunt right?
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  1. Omg! I love your outfit! You look adorable!! Gorgeous pics of Victoria Baths! :)

  2. I love that skirt, it will go with everything!

  3. confessions of a british bird8 July 2011 at 21:09

    I have always wanted to go there and I completely agree with you when you said about living in the wrong era!
    You look fabulous in that outfit and love the vintage :)


    Love it!

    Laura xo


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