Monday, 17 January 2011

Inspired by... Womens Land Army

This is a little outfit post to not only show one of my wonderful pieces I grabbed in the Asos curve sale, but also to show my own interpretation of what a girl who was in the land army may of worn in the 1940s. There are a few aspects to my styled inspiration which they wouldn't of worn while working in the fields these primarily being my shoes and the necklace. Originally I think they would of worn heavy duty boots or wellingtons and the necklace could of possibly been a family heirloom which was kept in a secret box under the bed they slept in.

What am I wearing? From research and general information I have collected and thanks to family members I do know what they wore and why. This blouse I picked up in the 2 euro shop in Antwerp I may of mentioned this store before in my posts from November but this place I really fell in love with some of the clothes were so crazy. I am in fact tempted to go back to Antwerp in the future with empty suitcases just so I can just fill them with things from here!
Sorry for digressing anyway I chose this blouse because of the darker colour and the cute little floral print as I think a young women working on the land would wear something similar to this.

Next our my wonderful fine corduroy peg leg trousers I snapped these up from the Asos Curve sale for a tenner and I have to say they are so comfortable and I did not aspect them to be really. They are also perfect for recreating the Land army style, right down to the colour of them. I added these as inspiration from the trousers they wore in the Land Army as well as there formal uniforms. I teamed these with my little shoes from Evans which I have to say are my favourite pair of shoes but unfortunately they are completely sold out now! I know these wouldn't of been worn in the fields working but I think it adds a slightly more modern twist to the outfit. My head scarf is one I acquired from my mum and I used it to gather my hair in just like now the girls wore them, to keep there pin curls and rags in while they worked. Then finally I added my porcelain necklace which I picked up during the Christmas holidays from one of my favourite charity shops, and for the price of 1.99 I thought it was a lovely piece to add to my vintage jewellery collection. The lipstick is a new one I bought which is a deeper red wine colour from collection 2000 and It's supposed to be long lasting and you know for once it actually really is! The lipstick does take a lot to get off, which I think has to be a good sign.

So what do you think of my Land army inspired look? Did i capture it well enough, I have planned for other inspired outfits from this era also. So I hope you also look forward to seeing these.


  1. I think you did really well! Especially you tying up your hair with the handkerchief. I also think you had a good deal with the necklace and the blouse! I would love to see more inspired outfits from different eras.

  2. i think you captured it perfectly, especially the 'kerchief! :)
    the shoes are also great, as is the blouse - such a nice colour too! x

  3. I am still afraid of pants like this, but I think u paired them in a stunning way and I adore you with the headband!

  4. Perfect my darling with a modoern twist to it. Well done! Im glad you like Asos Curve, its faaaaabulous isnt it? You will soon be addicted :D


  5. This is awesome! I think you look dead-on perfect. Aww!

    Lauren xx
    Pocket Rocket

  6. You've been award the versatile blogger award!

  7. Cute! I love your hair up in the scarf too :)

  8. I love the outfit ! Really cute and pretty ! :)


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