Friday, 17 September 2010

Don't be a fool like the rest of us, listen up!

Yes the day as come for dittos Autumn/winter collection for Evans and it is utterly stunning!
And one of my favourites is the cute little polka dot dress on the picture above as well as a utterly pretty blue velvet dress, and i have to confess i have seriously fallen in love with these two pieces. This time i won't miss out on a piece from the collection as last year i didn't get my chance to grab one of the amazing dresses so I'm still scouring eBay for the little beauty.
In a few weeks i am hopefully going to Liverpool so i will go and try my chance at bagging one of her signature pieces. I just wish i had a money tree right now so i could get more than just the one piece! What do you think of the new collection is it better than the last or just different?

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