Saturday, 22 May 2010

Summer breeze makes me feel fine.

"Sweet days of summer, the jasmine's in bloom July is dressed up and playing her tune When I come home from a hard days work And you're waiting there, not a care in the world."

Yes it's shocking i know but i did in fact venture into the great outdoors today. well my garden... but its still outside! And I'm afraid to say there was no summer breeze really which is a shame but i was just in the mood to post those lyrics. Don't worry I'm not really bad at taking photos i purposely blurred them, no reason just felt like it.

In these photographs i am wearing my huge denim shirt which i thrifted from a charity shop and its so comfy. i am also wearing a plain black t-shirt and black leggings. My white ray ban inspired shades are from primark to be quite honest i am surprised they have lasted for more than one summer nevermind three! It was actually pretty muggy today which isn't my type of weather at all but after it all i have suvived the weather and i hope your all proud of me. i will take more photos soon of my summer ish outfits and me. But if you looked in my wardrobe you would realise how unsummery my clothing is and how i need to become less sunshine phobic. In the next few weeks i am planning on requiring many more cheap seasonal pieces ready for my trip to wakestock so i shall definately post pictures up from that weekend!

as always thank you for reading my posts on fashion, music and just life in general.

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