Electric Tone with Swimsuits For All.

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Swimsuit: c/o Swimsuits For All. Sunglasses: Specspost. Bag: H&M. 

Today I'm showing you another fabulous number from Swimsuits For All, this time it's a One Piece. Back in the day when I used to swim ALOT my only option was usually an ill fitting and pretty hideous swimsuit. Luckily today I can find all different types of costumes to fit me that I love just like this Tropiculture Underwire! Yes you heard me it's underwired, this is something I feel is often lacking in swimwear having the support of an underwire, I mean generally speaking I don't desperately need it as the foam cups will do the job for me but I know many lovely women with a larger chest than me who would much prefer the more structured support. What I particularly love about this piece is that the underwires do not dig in at all and it are extremely comfortable to wear! The straps are also detachable if you don't fancy having the tan lines, the hooks on these are extremely sturdy so you don't feel like the straps will just ping off, which believe me has happened to myself in the past! Initially I wasn't sure if I'd like the print on this as it's something I'd not normally choose but once I'd put it on I decided I liked it after all. The print and neon accents really work together without being too in your face. Here I'm wearing a US18 I believe and in UK sizes I tend to be a solid 20. 

I decided to accessorise with my new favourite bag and my trusty chatty sunglasses which have my prescription in which is ever so handy! Obviously if I was at the beach and not in my back garden I'd probably just have sunscreen on and no make up but I decided to add a pop of colour with my MUA velvet lipstick in Criminal.

I'm hoping to get to the beach at least one more time this year so I can make the most of all my fabulous plus size swimwear!
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