The Brit Awards; Ed Sheeran and The Boys.


I felt like writing a little bit about the Brits.. but as you all know I utterly adore Ed Sheeran, so it felt only natural for me to post his performance from last night. Now at the time I was gutted that he wasn't in a suit but thankfully when he got his second Brit (YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY HE GOT TWO!) he wore a lovely suit thought I am a little bias and it was probably so lovely because he was in fact wearing it. When Ed accepted his awards he was just so humble and grateful you could tell on his beautiful little face. Though I can't recall everything he said as I was screaming at the telly at the time I also had a total meltdown moment when One Direction won Best British Single, now I know a number of you bloggers no how slightly obsessed I am with the band because as soon as either them or Ed came on the screen I was getting bombared by tweets saying you all bet I was going crazy which I was... but in honestly I was so proud in these moments, definitely cringe worthy fangirl! 1D and Ed obviously have very good stylists or mums in Ed's as when I met him, he said he didn't have a stylist... and I know its the wonderful Caroline Watson who dresses 1D, as all of the lads scrub up very well!

This post was more of a filler before I post up a review either tomorrow or Friday and I just wanted to be able to drool over these pictures and the video even more than I already have! I just read that Ed recently revealed that he wanted to just wear jeans and a hoody but because his mother was accompanying him he would have to dress up. HOW CUTE IS THAT also next year it won't be his mum hes taking.......
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