Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Fat Fabulous Four Challenge!

Today (well normally Saturday evenings but I'm late... my time skills are awful!) is the launch of  a lovely little challenge collaboration between me (obviously), Becky of The Ramblings of Mrs BeBe, Toni of The only way is Toni and Mhairi of Lilybobombs. We will all be bringing you a new post every two weeks on a saturday with our own takes on some top trends and styles, starting this week with lace!

Dress: Asos Curve. Black Tee/(P)leather Jacket: Dorothy Perkins. Trainers: Matalan (£5!)

Now I'm a massive fan of lace, I own a large quantity of the it but this is the only non black piece I own. I have worn it without a long sleeved top under but it was so bloody cold today that I had to! The only downside to this dress is the white top piece under the lace slides down, I wore it to see One Direction as few weeks back and they got an eyeful as they passed over us that's for sure! 

These trainers have hardly been off my feet since I picked them up in the Matalan sale for a fiver! I bought them for summer but as all my shoes have slowly fallen apart and these were the only things that didn't let water in I had to start wearing them and now I honestly don't think they'll last that long! My (p)leather jacket was also thrown on for a little warmth, something else I've hardly had off since I got it back in January! 

Do you still see lace as a fancy even sexy fabric? Or do you wear it casually as well?

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Plus Size Mens Wear - Jeans!

Now I felt like mixing my blog up a little and talking about Plus Size Mens wear! It's something that tends to be forgotten but now more than ever guys want to look really stylish and if you're a strong build often you can't find really lovely things on the high street or really even online this is where Jacamo come in to play!

For my first post  I thought I'd discuss the humble mens jean a staple in many a mans wardrobe but something that can be difficult to find for trend led styles in bigger sizes. I asked a few male friends (of whom sometimes read my blog, Hi guys!) and they said it was something that was definitely difficult to find stylish jeans in larger sizes. One dear friend has mentioned how he had basically given up on finding anything in a classic but fashion forward style. Well thank god for Jacamo!  They have a wide range of styles and sizes in store and online, from own brands such as the Flintoff range (I genuinely get the catalogue when I'm in store to basically drool over him!) to known brands such as penguin and wrangler. They truly have a style and cut to suit every shoppers needs.

One of my favourite ranges from Jacamo is the Rock & Revival collection as they have the skinny jean look but aren't a light wash, personally I think the stone wash jean should of been left in the 80's with Kevin Bacon. These could also be dressed up and down and more importantly look swish on anyone who wore them!

I'm planning on making this a semi regular theme on the blog as I know there's guys out there feeling pretty lost about what to wear not because they don't have a clue but because they have no idea where to start looking! Also I don't mind hunting through these such websites as majority of the models aren't half easy on the eye!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Hello Cleo.

The lovely Ladies at Panache were kind enough to send me this utterly cute Darcy set from the Cleo range way back in December but I've only just got round to writing about it, at least I can tell you how it actually is as I've been wearing it for months! I do love this set from the print to the darling red lace, though it doesn't come without some flaws one being because it's only 2 hooks and eyes at the back my chub makes it roll up a lot more easily than it would if it had an extra row but this is something I can live with of course! Another thing being if you're wanting this for killer cleavage in my opinion you won't get that I find that it's a lovely t-shirt bra and can be worn under the majority of my clothes and gives a natural lift and small amount of cleavage, it's subtle in this way which is another reason why I like it so much.

Of course the set is also aesthetically pleasing, just look at the adorable print and that lace is to die for, they've somehow managed to keep it colourful and fresh without being childish which is great! This bra is pretty much a good fit for me too, the centre of the bra sits flush against me and I feel well upholstered but not restricted which is a major plus in my book!

Originally I wasn't too sure about posting one of these pictures up (I'm sure you can guess which one!) but I wanted to show you how well it seems to fit me, so I hope you don't mind a little bit of boobage! Here I'm wearing a 38E and the bottoms are a size 16.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

We're just the same, we all get desperate sometimes, feeling black and blue.

This is Paloma Faith's 3rd(?) single of her second album and I genuinely love the whole thing! Obviously I've blogged a number of times about this girl because I do have a massive crush on her, in fact if you feel the need to us together (yes that happened) you can see it here. I'm also obsessed with Paloma's tattoos on her back which in my eyes are artwork. But anyway I could just talk for hours about her face, let's be honest!

I've had to watch this video twice to realise that Paloma is most of the characters ( I still can't decide if she's actually the bloke or not...) It's just so beautiful and simply which for someone who is as mental as Paloma is something fresh. Another thing I love about her is that she always sings from the heart and each of her own songs will have a genuine story behind it and I think it's really important to have a connection to a song or the lyrics if you want to sing it to it's full potential.

This is just a short post to show you a video I'm loving and it feels I haven't done a music post for awhile. I actually had to restrain myself from posting the photo's from when I saw Justin Bieber... I kind of still want to though. Tomorrow I'm going back to my old College to do a talk all about blogging, exciting and a little scary! I'll let you all know how I get on!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Plus Size Workwear Challenge and Capesthorne Hall.

Cardigan/Tee: Dorothy Perkins. Skirt: Topshop. Brooch: Vintage, Thrifted. Patent Brogues: c/o Clarks.

Okay so technically this isn't a work wear outfit as I'm stood in a lovely garden which is part of an even more lovely house (well Hall, it's hugggeee and grand) but I was there to pick up a few flyer's and check it out for work. I went to the Wedding Fayre at Capesthorne Hall today and saw a little catwalk from a wedding dress boutique lets just say I think I fell in love with one of their models she was utterly stunning about a size 16 very classic make up and face every single dress she modelled looked amazing on her!

Half of this outfit is new half is very old and almost forgotten! I'd gone off this cardigan as I'd bought it in a size 20 and now much prefer my cardigan's very fitted but the adorable scalloped neckline made me want to pull it out again today and start wearing it again! It also helps that this weeks challenge was "Pop Yo Colour" and as I tend to shy away from really bright colour this burnt orange works really well. I've just started knotting things up on my waist and I'm really loving wearing basically everything this way, crop tops are my next step! A year or so back I had a bit of an obsession with a denim skirt I basically wore to death and I felt it was time to rekindle this love with a reincarnation in the form of this skirt, which is a size 16 from Topshop. I was lucky enough to be sent these Brogues by Clark's which are perfect for work wear and well all the time, they are also SO COMFORTABLE I'm just a little bit in love with them and I've only worn them for a day!

I finished it all with my make up done remotely nicely for a change and a slick of Topshops Infared lipstick. You may of noticed that I've also had my hair cut, its the shortest I've had it for a long time but I felt like it needed a really good cutting and I still have some ombre left so it's all good. I have to admit its taken me over a week to get used to it but I'm beginning to really like my hair now it's settled a little more.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Second Simply Be Quote.

Just thought I'd pop this up as Simply Be were nice enough to use me as one of there favourite quotes again, which is so lovely of them! As I said in my post about the first time they used me, I feel its quite a big deal being dyslexic among other learning difficulties sometimes spelling and getting words and sentences to make sense is really hard for me! 

I just hope everyone that's seen this can see where I'm coming from and agrees to some point. Because to me its really important to just feel comfortable in what you're wearing and to give every style you want to wear a try because you just don't know how it'll look until you try! In the last year I've definitely tried not to be dictated by brands or anything as to what I should be wearing for my shape, hell I hardly even know what my shape is (my guess is a apple). So lets just not worry about that and just decide if we love what we're wearing!