Thursday, 30 August 2012

Matalan Style Project.

This is the outfit I chose and styled for Matalan's monthly Style Project which is on there blog. The theme was Cyber Jam envision peplums, sequins, studs and space age inspired, from the upcoming Autumn/Winter collections now I'm sure if you've been a follow of my blog for awhile you'll know my style can be a little eclectic so this was definitely a challenge for me, that and the theme was primarily based in Matalan's Be Beau brand which only goes up to a size 18 and in the majority of clothing a size 20 but thankfully over sized is still very much in trend so I actually somehow got everything to fit really well!

I went for plenty of studs and metallic's accents to bring a more textured finish to the complete look. The jumper I really love specially with the detachable peter pan collar (you all know how much of a sucker I am for them). Though I'm actually wearing the jumper back to front so you can see the amazing galaxy print vest under it, and it wouldn't be anything space age without a bit of galaxy print would it now! The leggings I didn't really notice originally but my mum saw them and thought as my wardrobe staple is leggings that these would be a nice alternative and they are still a little different with the flash of PU down the side seams, these are also seriously thick meaning I can wear them as trousers too!

Okay so the shoes need a paragraph all of there own HOW AWESOME ARE THESE BABIES?! and for the princely sum of £14 not bad am I right. I was worried my feet would be to wide for them but surprisingly they are not, I also think they add a rocky edge to the look without being to OTT (meaning I can't walk in heels) so these stand out without me being crippled! The only accessories I added were the stud and pearl bracelet which was a bargain in the sale and the insanely spiky and amazing ring, which is a serious knuckle duster!

Right now here is all the details you can vote for me here by commenting with my name in the comments section at the bottom. It'll only take you moments and mean oh so much to me. Thank you so much if you vote and tweet me (@rosieroundface) or leave a comment below if you do!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

DIY - Neon Necklace.

These are some photographs I took while doing a little DIY I'd seen around online and on Dani's blog here. Of course her pictures are soooo much better than mine as well as her explanation of what to do so I won't drone on about how I did it as its exactly the same as what the lovely Dani did.

Mine isn't quite as neon as I would like but as I don't actually own any neon polish I think it looks pretty good! I'm also thinking about buying another necklace and doing a pastel themed one as I'd really like to see how that would work out. I bought my necklace from eBay for £1.99 and a pound postage it also came with some lovely clip on earrings which aren't really my thing so have been put into the jewellery box for pantomine! I also added more colours to it in the end so there was even less bling on show (though I did leave a little so they could catch the light and twinkle slightly) I'm going to have to wear it for a post as soon as possible so you can see the finished piece! I am thinking of either a light weight over sized denim or white shirt with leggings and flatforms and this necklace would look amazing, just going to have to hunt down such things now!

Nail polishes used were as follows:-

- Matte White Barry M
- Lemon Yellow Barry M
- Cyan Blue Barry M
- Pink Siren Collection 2000
- Orange Sun Downer Rimmel

Friday, 24 August 2012


With a name like Rosemary its kind of obvious that I love flowers (yes I know Rosemary is a herb but I also get called Rose) and these are just photographs I came across while wasting my life away on tumblr, which is my favourite past time! I'm on the hunt for a beautiful floral crown with massive flowers on to wear even though I know the summers basically over I want one in wintry tones so I could wear it then too!

The bath photo at the top shouldn't be as lovely as it is to me, I don't know why I like it so much I just do. I don't really have a favourite flower as such I love a large selection all bunched together but I do have a soft spot for roses and daisies. Anyway these were just thinks inspiring me try and do something at the moment. If you follow me on twitter you would of seen how down I've been and I'm not any better yet either.

Also I'm on Matalans style project this month on there blog!
It would be utterly amazing if you could all vote for me, all it takes is for you to click on the link then comment with my name and then that's your vote done! Let me know when you've done it so I can thank you all personally. I will also be dedicating a full post to the outfit and project at some point in the next week or so. I also went to a CD signing in Manchester a few days ago and want to share the pictures with you/talk about the album, as it was pretty epic!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Subtle Spots.

Shirt/Clutch: Simply Be. Leggings: Matalan. Sandal Flatforms/Moose(?) Necklace: Primark. Gold Chain Necklace: Charity Shop. Black Slip (from an old dress) Dorothy Perkins. Tight Socks: Urban Outfitters.

Okay so this probably doesn't seem like subtle spots but just check out my little tight socks tying the whole spotty look together, so cute! I got them as a gift a while back off my dear friend who seems to always get me the best presents (shes also the girl who got me the lovely Asos bag in my last outfit post). I adore this shirt from Simply Be its something I love having in my wardrobe though I'm yet to properly wear it out for a full day as the fabric makes me boiling so I'm hoping to get a lot more wear out of it come the cooler weather. The clutch I bought from the Simply Be store in Leicester when it first opened ( I did a post about it here ) I did get it discounted but it was still probably the most expensive bag I've ever bought other than school rug sacks!

These shoes are quickly becoming a firm favourite in my life... not that I've worn them for long periods of time yet. I want to try and wear them when I'm at events in London but I know my feet would probably kill towards the end of the day but it would be worth it to look at my adorable and probably red and swollen feet! these necklaces are actually two of my favourites but I rarely wear the simple gold chain, the moose necklace I've worn a lot I added some extra length to the back so its longer on me and I love it, people have often asked me where its from and not believed it was good old primark for a pound!

My make ups has become much better applied in the last month or so thanks to my new brushes and me realising I can actually wear blusher! I won't lie but blusher is making my life I love the rosy cheeked look and even more when its not naturally my own. The lip colour is a stain from 17 which has really good colour pay off and I use it most days and still hasn't dried out so is really good!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Currently Coveting.

Moda Lace Peplum Top - £14.00

I've been lusting over this after seeing it on Becky from Milk Bubble Tea. I actually ordered a week before I went on holiday then the day before I went it still hadn't arrived so I tracked the order to realise I hadn't actually gone through with the payment! Such an idiot I am!

So this is now firmly on my wish list and waiting in my basket as I'm unsure if I can afford to buy it currently so I'm hoping to sweet talk my lovely mother into getting it for me, worth a try anyway? I'll probably end up caving in and ordering this by the end of the weekend as I've spend £20 on the Dorothy Perkins sale today already when I'm feeling horribly rotten (like today and basically most of the last two months) I online shop and browse to make myself feel better for awhile it does but generally I feel just as rubbish hours later!

I also should be saving for a decent camera so I can carry on taking pretty little pictures for my lovely blog! My cheapo digital is on its last legs and the post camera I do use isn't mine and is slowly getting annoyed when I want to use it, so its time to seriously upgrade and get myself something really good. I've been lusting over this Nikon COOLPIX L810 Compact Digital Camera not just because its a nice colour! But if anyone knows anywhere else legit and cheaper to get this camera do let me know! Also if you have a cheaper camera you use for your posts that is AMAZING leave it in the comments so I can have a look at them online!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Ickworth House.

Dress/Sunnies/collar: Primark. Denim Vest: Dorothy Perkins. Bag: Asos. Leggings: Matalan. Sandals: M&Co.

These pictures were taken at Ickworth House where my family and I stopped off at on our way home from the holiday. Its described as a "Georgian Italianate palace in an idyllic English landscape." well clearly The National Trust no how to sell there places to people as this is definitely true, its really beautiful but also extremely quirky at the same time. You can discover what 'upstairs downstairs' domestic life was really like in the servants' quarters in the Rotunda basement which I have to say my parents really loved and that I even enjoyed, though things like this always start my mum off on reminiscing the good old days!

On the day we went and paid this "palace" a visit there was a wedding being held, now I've only been to Ickworth once before 2 summers ago when we were doing the same trip and it was always wedding central then to. Its seriously popular for weddings but I can totally see why its a pretty magical place with grounds you could wander for hours and it makes a beautiful back drop for photographs, though I saw the groom's part (is that the right term) all doing the bolt which totally ruined the moment! They were also soldiers in the RAF from the look of there uniforms and they all looked very pristine and dapper as visitors of the place we could also freely walk among the guests so it was an interesting experience to say the least!

My outfit was chosen for comfort and a four hour care journey but I also didn't want to look overly frumpy if it had been a cold day I would of just worn a chunky knit over this dress with a vintage scarf but it was actually really humid and warm so I stuck to just the t-shirt dress with my new found love the denim vest which has hardly been off my back since I bought it! The bag was a lovely gift from one of my best friends as a belated birthday present and I used it every single day while on holiday its small enough not to be something I lug around but actually fits in everything I need and how could anyone resist the cute little rabbit on the front anyway?! The sandals were found in M&Co which has been pleasantly surprising me lately with how lovely some of the things are they are almost like elastic straps and pretty comfortable I wore them for most of the holiday towards the end as we had such good weather! The necklace is something I picked up to jazz up plain tops and dresses which it certainly does I also love pearls and these are a nice modern twist on something otherwise very much the classic.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Hola Bambinos.

I'm back from my holidays, you lovely people! It was interesting to say the least I didn't take as may outfit photos as I planned as I was feeling pretty horrific for the first half of the week but I'll definitely have a few posts up of what I got up to and what not if your interested! By the way I seem to be saying hola bambinos quite a lot at the current moment and I've no idea why but I love it.

I've been feeling a bit rubbish today after going to the doctors and now having to go for more blood tests and still not knowing whats wrong with me. To be totally honest its really getting me down, more than anything has before. So I slapped loads of make up on properly using brushes and everything and then proceeded to take these pictures with my web cam as my camera is clearly getting onto its last legs. I'm in desperate need of a new one for my outfit pictures as I'm apparently not allowed to use my brothers snazzy camera. Anyone got and recommendations I need something that's not to big or pricey and works well in sunlight?

On my face I'm wearing Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in light 2 I've recently gone a shade darker as my summer skin was making my light 1 look like white rings around my eyes! I also dotted this down my nose, cheeks and chin then blended it into my skin with the foundation brush from Real Techniques Core Collection which I'll try get a review up of as its actually changed the way my make up looks completely! My eye lids have a lovely Collection 2000 blush on them just for a smudge of colour as well as some iridescent white just below my brow and in the corners of my eyes to catch the light ( a mild confession would be the shadow was from a TOWIE eyeshadow set I got at Christmas). The mascara I used was Maybelline the falsies volum' express in black drama this isn't one I tend to wear a lot as its not waterproof and it clumps my lashes, I also curled my lashes before hand and during as otherwise they are really stumpy and never hold the curl for long! My cheeks are a blusher from Barry M in No.2 which is a very bright pink I used to hate blusher but recently I've been wearing it all the time. And finally for the lips I lined with a Barry M liner in No.3 which is a red liner then I smudged it out with my lip brush and the colour which was still on my brush from last time which was also a red lipstick I then added some lip balm ( mines a freebie I got in a goodie bag from Simply Be) to give a light coloured effect. I would of (badly) photographed everything I used but I totally forgot!

Saturday, 4 August 2012


Here's some really unattractive pictures of me and my family on our holiday last summer or also known as the fringe disaster, I'd had my fringe trimmed and it was completely butchered lets just say that hairdressers has not touched my head since!

Anyway I'm going off the subject there, this is just a quick post to say I'm travelling on my holidays today so I might not be online for the next week. How I'll survive I'll never know but I somehow managed last year, so I probably will again. This means I won't be on twitter, here or anything! YES I WON'T BE ON TWITTER.... it seems almost unnatural for me. Hopefully I won't die in pain on the train, I'm really stressing over it so my tummy is seriously cramping up like it has been recently. I'm thinking I might calm down by the time I'm actually at the station.

I'll be in Suffolk for the week and I do find the village we stay in to be utterly beautiful. I'll have lots of pictures to share when I'm back most likely if I managed to borrow my brothers camera while we're there! So I'll see you all soon!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I got a house with windows and doors, I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

Denim vest, Top and Skirt all Dorothy Perkins.

The denim vest has made me come over all bewitched so hence the title of this post. I also didn't realise until typing up where each piece was from that it is in fact all from Dorothy Perkins. It's definitely clear now that its the best shop in my town, though the top I actually ordered online. I think in general its just one of my favourite shops the clothes always fit me well and are pretty good quality for the price and have really good sales! Every piece I'm wearing also came from the sales, so it was a pretty cheap outfit!

I bought the jacket this week after umming and arring over getting one for awhile I think its the perfect summer over lay and I know exactly what I'm going to pair it with on holiday next week, I might even travel down there in as its comfy and stylish. I've also had my hair cut (not that you can tell) but it feels much more manageable and my hairdresser even commented on how much she liked m ombre ends this time and in how good condition it was in. Though she didn't know that the night before my hair had spend a lot of time being smothered in deep conditioners and serums!

I've started getting into wearing blusher again and new make up and I never realised how much it brings life to my face. I used to think my face was red enough without blusher but I'm starting to really love it and the gold shimmery eye shadow to bring out the blue in them. These pictures have made me decide that I definitely need to smile more! I promise I'm not grumpy all the time like I am in these photographs!